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Yachtcharter Huibers is a family owned company that delivers the most complete motor yachts for an untroubled and authentic holiday on the Dutch waters. Renting you a yacht or motor boat to fulfill your wishes is our specialty. We are based centrally in The Netherlands in 'Heukelem' and together with you we plan your boating holiday with the greatest pleasure. No sailing route is unknown to us!

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Corona update : Corona measures dutch boating holiday

28 May 2020

Dear guest of Yachtcharter Huibers. At the moment we are receiving a lot of...

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Meet our newest addition the “Atlas”

7 February 2020

The 'Atlas' is a beautifully lined and modern motor yacht with excellent...

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Are you already familiar with our convertible rental boat the "Borealis"?

6 February 2020

Our Borealis is a Valkkruiser Sport 850. Most people know this typical Dutch...

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Environmental friendly sailing in the Netherlands

Yachtcharter Huibers believes clean sailing and a good environment is important, which is why we use TopFuel as fuel in our boats. The use of TopFuel in diesel engines provides a maximum emission benefit. Moreover, the fuel is not only good for the environment and health, but also beneficial for the condition of the diesel engine.

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