What is TopFuel?

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TopFuel is a unique diesel fuel that offers a range of benefits compared to traditional diesel. The product is partly made from renewable raw materials and therefore delivers CO² reduction. In addition, the product reduces emissions of soot, NOx and particulate matter. So both the environment and our health benefit from the use of TopFuel, a good idea at a time when sustainability plays such an important role in our world.

What are the benefits of TopFuel as a diesel replacement?

The use of TopFuel in diesel engines provides a maximum emission benefit. Moreover, the fuel is not only good for the environment and health, but also beneficial for the condition of the diesel engine.

  • Reduce local emissions, because these have a direct effect on the health
  • Improve the CO² footprint to combat climate change

The main features of TopFuel are:

  • Up to 89% CO² reduction
  • Guaranteed emission reduction on particulate matter, sulfur and nitrogen
  • Produced from waste as oil and residual waste
  • ISCC-EU certified
  • Meets the (N) EN 15940 standard for diesel fuel
  • High Cetane number - this ensures efficient combustion

More about TopFuel

  • What is the difference between TopFuel and normal diesel

    Our TopFuel consists of 100% HVO. HVO is a pure synthetic diesel with a high purity, identical to that of GTL. GTL, however, is still a fossil fuel, since it is produced from natural gas. HVO, on the other hand, is made from biomass. This includes waste and residual flows. This makes our TopFuel a direct replacement for fossil diesel oil with which we achieve a CO² reduction of up to 89% and a guaranteed emission reduction on particulate matter, sulfur and nitrogen!

  • Which industry standards (specifications) does TopFuel meet?

    TopFuel - the innovative diesel fuel for the day of tomorrow, meets the EN15940 standard for paraffinic diesels and is ISSC-EU certified.

  • Is TopFuel ISCC-EU certified?

    TopFuel is produced and supplied with the ISCC-EU certificate. This committee ensures that the raw materials meet the following social requirements:

    ✓ Preventing deforestation.
    ✓ Preventing "food for fuel" issues.
    ✓ Equal human rights.

  • What is the actual price of TopFuel ?

    The price of TopFuel is between diesel and Euro98 and fluctuates with the oil price.
    The current price of TopFuel can't be displayed at this moment.

Want to sail a sustainable and environmentally friendly motorboat?

Both the environment and our health benefit from the use of the fuel that our motor boats use. That's a nice thought at a time when sustainability plays such an important role. View our motorboats and book your environmentally conscious sailing holiday at Yachtcharter Huibers today!