What is Blauwe Diesel 100?

Diesel is made from oil, which is a fossil resource. That is why we call this product fossil diesel. 

Blauwe Diesel 100 is not made from petroleum or natural gas, but from waste vegetable oil products that first served a food function. We also call this product HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). Blauwe Diesel 100 is an HVO, a fossil-free fuel. With Blauwe Diesel 100 you reduce over 90% CO2 and over 30% in local emissions such as soot & particulate matter. Blauwe Diesel 100 is supplied to us by Future Fuels.

What are the benefits of Blauwe Diesel 100 as a diesel replacement?

The use of Blauwe Diesel 100 in diesel engines provides maximum emission benefit. Moreover, the fuel is not only good for the environment and health, but also for the condition of the diesel engine.

  • Reduce local emissions, because these have a direct effect on the health
  • Improve the CO² footprint to combat climate change

The main features of Blauwe Diesel 100 are:

  • More than 90% CO² reduction
  • Emission reductions (nitrogen 9%, carbon monoxide 24%, soot & particulates 33%, sulfur 99%)
  • EN15940 standardized fuel
  • Is made from circular raw materials
  • ISCC-EU certified

More about Blauwe Diesel 100

  • What is the difference between Blauwe Diesel 100 and normal diesel

    Blauwe Diesel 100 consists of 100% HVO. HVO is a purely synthetic diesel of high purity, identical to that of GTL. However, GTL is still a fossil fuel, as it is made from natural gas. HVO, on the other hand, is made from biomass. Think of waste and residual streams. This makes our fuel a direct replacement for fossil diesel fuel, with which we achieve a CO2 reduction of up to 90% and a guaranteed emission reduction on particulates, sulfur and nitrogen!

  • Which industry standards (specifications) does Blauwe Diesel 100 meet?

    Blauwe Diesel 100 - the innovative diesel fuel for tomorrow's day, meets the EN15940 standard for paraffinic diesels and is ISSC-EU certified.

  • Is Blauwe Diesel 100 ISCC-EU certified?

    Blauwe Diesel 100 is produced and supplied with the ISCC-EU certificate. This committee ensures that the raw materials meet the following social requirements:

    ✓ Preventing deforestation.
    ✓ Preventing "food for fuel" issues.
    ✓ Equal human rights.

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