The Yachtcharter Huibers team

Jan en Alijda Huibers

Jan Huibers
Jan Huibers is a true sailor at heart. At the age of 16 he started sailing on a coaster with which he explored most of the European waters. Sailing from deep into Poland to Denmark, or from London to Portugal. At that time, despite several strong storms, he found a love for the sea and sailing. A love that will never go away again. Jan later switched to inland shipping and a short time later he went to work on shore at a shipyard. Because of his experiences and his employment history, he likes to do as much as possible himself. This includes the maintenance on our motor yachts. If you experience our sailing instruction you will notice this too! A real sailor in heart and soul that wants you to come in to contact with water sports in the best way possible!

Alijda Huibers
Alijda Huibers is the wife of Jan Huibers. After completing her education for executive secretary, she started her career at a company that specializes in laboratory equipment. Here she still works with pleasure. Thanks to the growth of Yachtcharter Huibers, her working days have been reduced to 2.5 days a week. The rest of her time is dedicated with pleasure and passion into Yachtcharter Huibers. She takes care of the administrative affairs at the office and ensures that the boats are representative and ready to sail for the guests. Alijda attaches great importance to satisfying all guests. Her goal is to make all her guests feel completely at home so that they can sit back, unwind and truly enjoy the freedom!

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