Frequently asked questions about renting a boat

We have listed the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if your question is missing.

  • Is it possible to board the ship earlier

    Because our ships return to our port in the morning, we use the intervening time before your arrival to hand over the ship to you in good condition. This makes it impossible to check in with us before 2 p.m. (14:00 hours).

  • What additional charges are there besides the rent?

    In addition to the amount you pay for the rent, you must take into account the costs for a mandatory final cleaning, the fuel costs, any bridge and / or lock money, moorage (at a port) and a deposit (the deposit differs per ship and you will get it back after deduction and inspection of the ship, minus the diesel costs).

  • Are the boats insured?

    All our boats are insured within the permitted sailing area of WA-hull with an excess of your deposit. It is possible to insure this deposit. The premium costs for this are approximately 10% of the deposit. If you want to take out deposit insurance, cancellation insurance or travel insurance, you can contact us for more specific information.

  • What if the weather forecast is bad?

    A weather guarantee would be lovely. Unfortunately we can not, like everyone else, predict the weather circumstance. If it is not safe to sail due to the weather conditions, we will look for a suitable solution with you.

  • What times are we expected?

    Departure times are at 2 p.m. (14:00 hours). You are expected back in our home port at 9 a.m. (09:00 hours) and we will take over the ship from you no later than 10 a.m. (10:00 hours) so that our crew can board and tidy things up for the next guests.

    The changeover days are Monday and Friday.

  • Where can we park our car?

    On the terrain of our harbour ‘De Koornwaard’ there is a safe and spacious private parking lot. You may park your car here during your boating holiday. On our contact page you will find a description how to get to ‘De Koornwaard’ in Heukelum.

  • How and when do we pay for our boating holiday

    After your booking you must pay 50% of the amount within 2 weeks after the booking confirmation. The other 50% must be paid 4 weeks before the rental period. For the Last Minute bookings (bookings with a departure within four weeks) the total amount must be paid in a term before departure.

    The deposit is always paid by debit or credit card

  • When is the best time to book?

    If you want to sail on a specific period, it is best to reserve it as soon as possible so that you are certain of your sailing holiday. Furthermore, holidays and weekends are often fully booked. We can keep a period for you up to three working days under option.

  • From where do we depart and where should we return?

    Our home port is at ‘De Koornwaard’. Located at Appeldijk 17a in Heukelum. From here you leave, and you will also return your ship. On our contact page you will find directions to the marina Koornwaard in Heukelum.

  • I never sailed before. Now what?

    All of our ships do not require a license. Since they all are below 15 meters of length. Before sailing you will always receive instructions about the operation of your ship and a number of sailing tips. If you do not have experience, extensive skipper training is mandatory. This also applies to our largest vessels where, in addition to having sailing experience, a sailing course is always mandatory. Check out our arrangement page for the possibilities or contact us. We are happy to help you organize your sailing holiday optimally!

  • Are pets allowed aboard the rented vessel?

    Pets are not allowed on every ship. In consultation (depending on the type of ship) you can bring your pet with a fee of €65, – per pet, per week. Please do not forget to mention this when booking. We can only allow dogs as pets on board. For other pets, we first ask you to contact us by telephone.

  • Are there any age restrictions to sail in Holland?

    To rent our ships one must be at least 21 years old. There is a minimum age of 25 on our largest ships. The person who makes the reservation is the liable person for both the insurance and us.
    A license is not compulsory for our ships. This is only mandatory for yachts longer than 15 meters or with a speed that exceeds 20 km/h. At Yachtcharter Huibers you can enjoy the freedom and sail unhindered without a license. 

    If you do not have experience, extensive skipper training is mandatory. This also applies to our largest vessels where, in addition to having sailing experience, a sailing course is always mandatory.

  • Is there a toilet on board?

    Yes. All our ships are equipped with one or more electric or hand-operated toilets.

  • Are there places where we can get off the boat?

    Along the way there are several nice harbors and old towns where you can moor, with or without amenities. These are indicated on the map. In advance, we would like to take the time to discuss your ideal sailing route with you. After finalize your boating reservation you will also receive an overview of possible sailing routes from us.

  • Is a sailing license required?

    No, a sailing license is required when a yacht is 15 meters or longer and / or when it can sail faster than 20 kilometers per hour. All our ships are shorter than 15 meters and have a top speed under 20 kilometers per hour and therefore fall outside the license requirement.

    If you have no previous experience it is mandatory to take a skipper training. Our skipper training is always mandatory on our largest ships. This is partly due to the size and width of these vessels, which means that mooring and maneuvering must be carried out as a team. The sailing instruction will give you confidence to handle the ship well and in this way prevents damage.

  • I never sailed before, can I rent a ship?

    Yes, you can, after all, you must start to gain experience somewhere. With our extensive boating course for beginners arrangement we ensure that you will be ready for your holiday. In two hours you will get to know everything about the ship, various situations and all instructions to be able to reach the water with a secure and safe feeling! In these two hours the instructor sails along to Gorinchem where, among other things, the passing of bridges and locks is practiced.

    The sailing course costs € 98, -. Mandatory for everyone without sailing experience, and useful for the water sports enthusiast who wants to keep his or her knowledge up to date! Bookable as one of our packages.

  • How many people does the ship hold?

    This number differs per ship and can be seen via the detail page of each of our ships. View our sailing fleet and pick your preferred ship via this overview page.

  • Is it allowed to bring our own drinks and food aboard?

    Of course. It is allowed to bring your own provisions on board. If you do not prefer this, we can also take care of that for you. We offer various practical arrangement packages for this and can also adapt these to your wishes. We also offer the option for renting a BBQ. If needed with meat, fish and vegetarian options.

    Please note: it is not allowed to barbecue on board of the vessel. Damages are not covered by the insurance and entirely for your own account. In every port there are moorings where you can barbecue in consultation with a harbor master.

  • Can we bring our own bed linen?

    Of course. You may certainly bring your own bed linen on board. We can also take care of this for you. Should you choose to bring your own bed linen, we would like to point out that you should bring your own duvet / sleeping bag and pillows. There are no duvet, pillows and towels on board as standard.

  • What facilities are there on board?

    To view an overview of all facilities and inventory list, please see the page for the desired vessel. Each page contains a list of all facilities and equipment. Look here for an overview of our boats.


  • Are there sailing routes and maps on board?

    On board the ship you will find the necessary water maps for our sailing area. The maps are missing for some areas because you need our permission beforehand. The Wateralmanak 1 and 2 with data from bridges and locks is also present. In addition to the available maps its possible to rent an iPad with all official ANWB water maps of the Netherlands and all information about waterways, marinas and operating times of bridges and locks from the ANWB Wateralmanak 2.

    We love to advise you about beautiful sailing routes. Based on your wishes, interests and preferences, we will advice you on a suitable sailing route that will allow you to experience the freedom during your boating holiday. Please do not hesitate to contact us for the first contact. No sailing route is unknown to us.

  • Can I rent a ship for just one day?

    Our changeover days are on Monday and Friday. In the periods you can choose between a weekend, midweek, week, 10 days, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 4 weeks. For deviating periods such as a long weekend, we charge 95% of the rental price because the ship is no longer rentable for the remainder of the period. The condition is that the departure or return falls on one of our changeover days.
    Renting for a day is only possible on a last-minute basis up to 3 days before the relevant date. Prices are on request. Do you want to be sure of a day on the water? Then rent our comfortable tailor-made Linges sloops via!

  • Is it possible to preview a boat before I make a decision on renting the boat?

    Our boats are often rented out during the sailing season and are therefore not available for viewing. By appointment you can visit during one of our changeover days (Mondays and Fridays) for a viewing of the desired boat. Please bear in mind that in the meantime we are busy making all the boats ready for departure and that the ship may not (yet) be as clean and tidy as you of to be expected. Outside the sailing season, our boats are removed from the water and major maintenance and renovation takes place. It is therefore not always possible to view a ship during this period.

  • Are the ships also suitable for mobility impaired people?

    Our ships are not specially equipped for mobility impaired people. We will look for a suitable solution with you, but this is certainly dependent on the desired ship and the limitation of the person. Contact us for an informal conversation without obligation. We are here to help.

  • What are the General and Additional Terms and Conditions of Yachtcharter Huibers?

    Yachtcharter Huibers conditions can be downloaded below. By renting with us you automatically agree to these.